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PostSubject: THE CODE OF CONDUCT   Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:13 pm


**The Following is the official Code of Conduct for the Invasion Force Clan. It may not be altered in any way, shape or form by ANYONE other than Zombie and RonDog. The Following should be reffered to and may be used in an example/dispute of the rules for the clan.

1. Insubordination

Failure to adhear to the Elders or members of a higher rank than you will result in disciplinary action appropriate to the degree and amount of time the offense holds. The member is subject to any type of punishment that an Elder may want to give out. Also, any member that makes a clan-changing decisioni without consent of the elders is subject to punishment. Their punishment is not up for debate, and once given, cannot be revoked unless decided upon by majority vote of the elders. Insubordinary actions will be recorded on the member's Personal Offense Record (P.O.R); and therefore will not be removed.

2. Threats and Harrassment

Threats to either members, or the clan as a whole will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as the actions suggest. Any form of harrasment towards a member, no matter how brief will not be tolerated. An immediate disciplinary action will be dealt. The Statement of Harrassment will be brought before the Elders for final judgement and jurisdiction to decide a punishment appropriate to the degree of the statement.

3. Hacking/Botting

Hacking and Botting is stricktly prohibited in the IF Clan. Any member found botting is subject to kick, susupension, or ban to either the Clan Server, Clan Website, or the Clan. A member found botting has a right to explain the actions he/she has made, and they will be brought before the Elders. The Elders will then decide appropriate disciplinary action, and Hacking/Botting charges against a member WILL be filed on the user's P.O.R. Hacking or Botting shows disrespect and disreguard to the clan, and in turn, it makes the clan apprar to be full of hackers, therefore, it is never tolerated.

4. Deception/Betraying

Any member caught decieving or betraying either clan members, or the clan in whole will be automatically banned from the clan. This also includes offenses such as intentionally causing confusion in the clan, spreading false messages, impersonating another member of a higher rank, or joining the clan as a spy. This is one of the most severe offenses that a member can make and will result in automatic ban. The betraying member may be nominated by a trusted, exsisting member to return, but the betraying member will only be re-admitted if decided upon by majority vote of the Elders. If the betraying member repeats the offenses they have made, then the member and the recommending member will both come under disciplinary actions.

5. Multi-clans

A member wearing the IF~Clan Tags may not be in any other clan that supports the same games that this clan supports; i.e...Halo 1 PC and Halo Custom Edition. The member will either be suspended until they leave their former clans, or banned if they choose not to leave them. Multi-clanning shows disrespect to IF and everything that it stands for. The multi-clanning member MAY be re-admitted when they have proven that they have left their former clans.

6. Clan Wars

The only ones who may call other clans into war is the Leaders of the clan- RonDog and Zombie. No others can start clan wars, the member who starts a clan war will have it posted on their P.O.R as Insubordination or a Moderate offense. The member will also not be able to participate in any other clan wars until further notice.

7. The Elders
All members in the Elder's usergroup have the same amount of power except RonDog and Zombie. The Elders are the highest ranking group, and therefore, they will make descisions alone, that will impact the clan. Ordinary members MAY NOT gain admittance into The Elders. It is a usergroup made up of hand-picked players from the leaders.

8. Rejoining after kick/ban

Any member that has been kicked or banned, always has the chance to re-enter the clan. The member needs to have at least 2 honest, and well liked members vouch for their return. The supplicant member will be brought before the leaders of the clan, and will state cause and plan for action to better themselves upon re-arrival. If the member, is re-admitted, he will re-start his ranks all over again, and begin at the lowest rank. Members will welcome him back. He will have no previous authority however, and will remain under close surveilance from the clan elders. If the supplicant member repeats the offenses that led to the ban in the first place, the member will be permanently kicked, and unable to ever return.

9. The Clan Tag

The Clan tag IF~, MUST be worn at both clan functions, and on the website. If the tag is not worn, or is worn impoperly, the member(s) are open to any diciplinary action that the leader or server admin wants to administer. Repeated offenses will end in suspension or ban.

10. Replacement of Leaders

If the leaders, have given their official resignation, and are true to what they say about leaving, then an election will be held. The Election for the new leaders will NOT however, be held before the leader's last day is up. After the leaders have officially left the clan, the election will be held with the candidates recieving votes from the members. The Candidate MUST be at the rank of Sergeant or above to even be considered a nominee. The election will be cast in poll form, and the votes will be tallied at the end of the election period: 1-3 days. The newly elected leader will then under-go the initiation process and the ceremonial killing of the leader. After this occurs, he will lead the clan alongside the other.
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